Marriage Tips for Long Term Success

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Marriage is an institution as old as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Many of us have worked very hard to keep our marriage and our families together in harmony. I really like the old adage “Marriage is made in heaven, but so is thunder and lightning.” That sums up how a marriage can go but with careful consideration and communication, your marriage can remain for a long time. I would like to share some marriage tips for long-term success.

In my research studies, I found the following marriage tips for long-term success that other married couples shared.

Marriage Tips For Long Term Success

Intimacy in a marriage is very important both sexually and emotionally, that is why you should continue to build on intimacy in your marriage.

Create passion for life and for one another being passionate in your life and with your mate helps your marriage to keep growing.

Marriage is a commitment that you should celebrate with each other.

Your mate is your lifetime friend. In order for someone to become your friend, you need to like them. Learn to like each other for there many things that please you.

Learn how to have fun with each other laugh together and use humor in healthy ways.

It is always important to comfort, encourage, and affirm one another.

When you are, a married couple learns to be independent stand on your own two feet as a couple and not be dependent either financially or emotionally on either of your parents.

Privacy and space is all important so respect one another in that manner.

It is important when the children come that you parent together for your children and your marriage.

You should deal with crisis and adversity together as one. When you fight or quarrel do it fairly.

One of the best marriage tips for a long-term success in your marriage is to accept each other’s differences and do not try to change your spouse.

Keep romance alive in your marriage think of things to do that will please your spouse.

The above marriage tips for long-term success are important but I believe that intimacy is one of the most important parts of a good marriage. Intimacy is more than just sex. Our psychological, spiritual, and physical makeup cries out for intimacy with one another. The reason we have this feeling is that God designed marriage to be the most intimate of all human relationships, in which we share life intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

In continuing with our marriage tips for long-term success, we have broken intimacy down into five important aspects of our lives. The first one is Intellectual intimacy. Intellectual intimacy is not about discussing highly intellectual ideas but just simple thoughts about food, finances, health, crime, work, politics all the things that are affecting your lives.

Much of our lives involve doing social intimacy that is spending time around events in our lives together or experiencing events separately but sharing through open communication. Our feelings are spontaneous, emotional responses to what we encounter through the five senses. We should share our emotions and we build emotional intimacy. Spiritual intimacy does not require agreement of belief on every detail. We are seeking to tell each other what is going on with our inner self. The purpose is not agreement, but understanding. Our final marriage tip for long-term success is the physical intimacy. We should strive to grow closer together, not to eliminate the “otherness” but to enjoy it as one.

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