Long Distance Relationship Success Story – Wedding Proposal In Dubai, UAE

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When it comes to long distance relationships, long distance relationships are not for the faint of heart. Not every person is meant to be in a long distance relationship. Let’s keep that in mind.

For those that endure a long distance relationship it to the very end reaps the reward that hopefully leads to marriage, which is something we all strive for.

I have been in the dating scene for nearly two decades, and I must say it was the most frustrating and downright humiliating experience I’ve ever had. After getting burned by the women I dated in America and basically “thrown under the bus” I basically said “I’m completely done with dating American women.

I had made up in my mind that I will never date another American woman again, and took my chances abroad.

I’ve begun going on YouTube and search for black men that has succeeded in find love abroad and sure enough, I found many of them. The vloggers that I’ve began following on YouTube were

  • “Black Filipino TV”
  • “YuriBruce”
  • “1Bobcat4U2C”

After hearing what they have to say about women overseas and their experiences ultimately lead me to seek out foreign women and consider the entire “long distance relationship thing.”

Back in 2016, I met a beautiful Asian woman online through my brother’s Facebook page. From there for at least 3 times a week off and on, I would go visit her page. One her page, I would leave a comment and like her posts. I would keep this up for many months throughout the year.

That Fateful Day

December 26, 2016 was the day that changed everything for me. I was in Charlotte, NC at the time visiting family. That afternoon, I woke up saying my affirmations, and one of them was this…

“I have a very beautiful Asian wife with 3 children”

Soon after I said that, as a matter of fact 20 minutes later, I got an instant message from the woman that I’ve been following for months on Facebook.

From there, as the ol’ saying goes…..”The rest is history!”

Very first time meeting on Skype

Our 1st Meeting

We met for the very first time face to face in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in June 30th 2018. I knew she was the one for me when we first met online, but after seeing her for the very first time in person; it was a wrap for me. I didn’t even have one single doubt whatsoever. During this time in my long distance relationship, this was the 1st stage of us just getting to know each other.

Our 2nd Meeting

I decided to go back to Dubai in December 2019 to basically “seal the deal” and propose to my girlfriend. Being that her birthday is in December and this would be our 2 year anniversary, I wanted this return back to be memorable.

Watch the video below of my wedding proposal.

The 5,580 mile Wedding Proposal From North Carolina To Dubai

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