Living Overseas

Living overseas

Let’s begin by me asking you a very simple question. Are you completely fed up with life in the United States? Are you open to the idea of living overseas?

May it’s because you’re tired of the government oppressing you, the economy is spiraling out of control, maybe you want a better environment to raise your family, maybe you’re dealing with all kinds of discrimination in the U.S and you simply need a way out of it, or you just simply need to get away from the matrix and live a more peaceful and a life of freedom.

Whatever the case may be, just know that you are not alone in your quest for freedom, joy, and happiness abroad. What you’re in a need of a true “exit strategy.

I was just like you. I mostly struggled my entire life in America trying to get my own piece of the “American Dream” and all I actually got was a total nightmare.

Fed up with the lies of going to college, sick and tired of the “rat race” and the oppression of our government, and having a bad dating life in America caused me in finding new opportunity overseas.

To me, living overseas provides somewhat of a safe haven for those wanting to escape the United States. At least being overseas, your money can go a very long way there and you will never have to worry too much about our government being in your business.

That’s what sold me and the fact that my love life dramatically improved. I recently became a engaged man and found success with a very beautiful Filipina woman.

Right now I’m currently preparing to make my voyage to the Philippines to live and enjoy my life of total freedom and happiness abroad.

I will say this to anyone reading this; it began by only stepping out on pure faith. If a person like me from High Point, North Carolina can make it, so can you. Nothing is stopping you from living a life that God wants you to live. You just have to have a ready and made up mind to make it happen!