Do Long Distance Relationship Work?

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I often get asked a lot that do long distance relationships work, especially since I’m technically involved in a long distance relationship. The real question is, “Do long distance relationship work?” I can honestly tell you that it really does and I’m living proof of that.

Being that I have failed in finding success in America, I decided to take my chances abroad especially when it came to finding love. I’ve began my long distance relationship in 2016, and in 2018 I made my first initial trip to overseas to see my girlfriend for the very first time.

From that point, I made my decision to go right back overseas and finally “pop the question” to my girlfriend. Of course it went very well…..(Yes, I’m officially engaged.)

So if you want to know do long distance relationship work, I can say this with confidence that “It does work!”

Of course long distance relationships are not easy nor for the faint of heart. As a matter of fact, 99% of long distance relationships fail because of these main reasons….

  1. Not having an end date in mind
  2. The cost can be quite expensive
  3. Not being physically there.
  4. Communication

I’m going to tackle these issues to at least help you close the gap in your long distance relationship, only if you’re absolutely sure that you want to purse it and make it a success.

Let’s start with the cost of being in a long distance relationship. Some people that are in a long distance relationship may be may be living in different cities, states, or different countries. For those living in different cities or states, the cost of gas, airplane tickets and hotels may be the biggest expense. If both people work jobs, then they are giving up their vacation time which really can take a huge toll.

For those that are living in different countries and I can speak on this for myself, the biggest expense for us is taxis, hotel, plane tickets, not even including having extra money set aside for shopping or going out.

When I went to Dubai, UAE spending only 2 weeks, my total trip with everything included was around $4,000.

This is why I highly suggest those that are dating long distance to set an end date as soon as possible to close the gap, otherwise it will become costly.

Another issue that people are running into when it comes to being in a long distance relationship is communication.

Communication is the main key to any relationship especially in a long distance relationship. With my experience being in a long distance relationship, the biggest problem was the time difference. I was 9 to 10 hours behind my girlfriend. We had time figure out a best time for us, which in this case was 4pm EST here which was 2 to 3am her time in Dubai, UAE.

Back in the day when someone was in a long distance relationship, they only form of communications was mailing letters and using a landline phone (Of course that leads to a huge phone bill.) But now with technology, being in a long distance relationship is so much easier now thanks to apps that you can download on your smartphone.

What I can tell you from this post is that being in a long distance relationship does has its own challenges, but being in a long distance relationship can work for you. The only way that a long distance relationship can fail if neither one of you guys put in the work necessary to make it a success.

I wish you luck in your journey of finding love, happiness, and joy abroad!

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