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Favorite Cruise Destinations

favorite cruise vacation

Let me tell you about my favorite cruise destinations. If you are planning your first cruise vacation, you are really in for a treat. Being a veteran of more than a dozen cruises, I can tell you that there is no better way to spend a vacation. You will see some beautiful places and yet have the opportunity to completely relax as you cruise along through tranquil waters. My wife and I have visited many different islands and cities on our cruises. We are frequently asked about […]

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Travel Destinations: The Cayman Islands

the cayman islands

We have friends who make a trip to the Cayman Islands every year. They love it. The big attraction to them is Seven Mile Beach. Having been there several times myself, I can tell you it is very impressive — all that warm, white sand that goes on for miles and miles. There’s nothing like that gorgeous shade of blue unique to the Caribbean — and the Caymans are no exception. Grand Cayman-The Cayman Islands But Grand Cayman has so much more than the perfect beach getaway. […]

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Travel Destinations: Key West, Florida

Key West Florida

Are you a travel enthusiast?  Then Key West,Florida is the place to go.I love to travel. There are still dozens of places on my bucket list yet to visit. But one I recently crossed off was Key West, Florida. I just got back early April and it was everything I had hoped for in a travel destination. It’s much more accessible than the popular Caribbean island destinations. It has the feel of the Caribbean although technically it is not in the Caribbean. Since cruising has gained popularity, […]

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Top Travel Destinations: A List

If you aren’t sure where you would like to travel to, this is the article for you. We detail this year’s best travel destinations from all around the world. Whether you want the tropical heat or a cultural oasis, you’ll find at least one spot on this list which tickles your fancy. It’s amazing that you can stay within the United States and yet visit a location which offers cultural enrichment, top eateries and amazing park space. New York truly has it all, from the Statue of […]

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Travel Destinations: Dude Ranch in Big Sky Country

Are you up for a vacation in the dude ranch in Big Sky Country? Are you tired of the same old, same old for your family vacation? How about trying something really unique? Have you ever considered a dude ranch? I know; I know. The first thing that comes into your mind is City Slickers, that movie with Billy Crystal and Jack Pallance – where everything that could go wrong does go wrong. Trust me. This dude ranch vacation will be nothing like that! What I’m talking […]

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Great Traveling Destinations Within The United States

Traveling on vacation usually includes leaving the country, but this doesn’t always need to be the case to guarantee an enjoyable experience.There are some great traveling destinations within the United States. Traveling within the states is an unforgettable experience and many families plan on visiting every state along the way. Your trip can be as short as hopping over to the state next door or as long as driving across all 50 states on a single trip. If you are still trying to decide where you should […]

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Choose From These Top Destinations For Your Next Travel Experience

When it comes time to plan a vacation, you want to have fun and choose top destinations. Sometimes you hit the nail on the head, and other times you don’t. Everyone has had at least one vacation that did not go their way. Wouldn’t you like to know a few top spots that are worth your visit? How To Choose From Top Destinations: For starters, you can’t lose when you visit New York City. If something doesn’t turn out quite the way you want it because of […]

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