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Is Cherry Blossoms Dating Site Legit For Single Men?

Filipina Woman

Before I begin to answer “Is Cherry Blossoms dating site legit for single men,” I’m going to share my personal opinion about Cherry Blossoms dating site. To really answer this question is only depends on how you really define the term “legit.” As far as anyone can see, the Cherry Blossoms dating site has been around for nearly 50 years and has come into existence long before the birth of the internet. Keep in mind that in order to even date a Filipina, guys would have to […]

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Do Long Distance Relationship Work?


I often get asked a lot that do long distance relationships work, especially since I’m technically involved in a long distance relationship. The real question is, “Do long distance relationship work?” I can honestly tell you that it really does and I’m living proof of that. Being that I have failed in finding success in America, I decided to take my chances abroad especially when it came to finding love. I’ve began my long distance relationship in 2016, and in 2018 I made my first initial trip […]

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Best Reasons Why You Should Date a Filipina

Best reasons why you should date a Filipina

Before I start telling you about the best reasons why you should date a Filipina, I bet you’re wondering why you should take that leap of faith and date a Filipina woman or start looking into dating a Filipina. Being that I am personally now engaged to a Filipina, I got to say that it’s been the best thing that I could possibly have done. Speaking from experience, I’ve dated so many woman here in the United States with only very little to zero success. As a […]

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Long Distance Relationship Success Story – Wedding Proposal In Dubai, UAE

long distance relationship success story

When it comes to long distance relationships, long distance relationships are not for the faint of heart. Not every person is meant to be in a long distance relationship. Let’s keep that in mind. For those that endure a long distance relationship it to the very end reaps the reward that hopefully leads to marriage, which is something we all strive for. I have been in the dating scene for nearly two decades, and I must say it was the most frustrating and downright humiliating experience I’ve […]

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Long Distance Relationships – Do They Actually work?

long distance relationship do they actually work

Long distance relationships-do they actually work for you? Well, lets take a closer look into being in a long distance relationship. You’ve finally met someone who floats your boat, however, all is not perfect… he/she lives at the opposite end of the country. Obviously, you’re not going to know if it’s worth pursuing until you’ve given the relationship a go but here’s a few things to bear in mind when embarking on a long distance relationship and a few ideas how to keep your relationship hot whilst […]

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Marriage Tips for Long Term Success

marriage tips for long term success

Marriage is an institution as old as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Many of us have worked very hard to keep our marriage and our families together in harmony. I really like the old adage “Marriage is made in heaven, but so is thunder and lightning.” That sums up how a marriage can go but with careful consideration and communication, your marriage can remain for a long time. I would like to share some marriage tips for long-term success. In my research studies, I […]

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Know What to Look for in a Woman

know what to look for in a woman

Sometimes, you do know what to look for in a woman. It can be quite difficult. And if you’re one of them, don’t get discouraged. It truly isn’t as difficult as you may think to find the right woman for you. How to know what to look for in a woman The very first thing you must do is resign to be very open-minded. You need to cast aside all the standards that you may have been using and start from scratch. Forget what all your buddies […]

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