Best Traveling Tips When Visiting The Philippines

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Before I tell you about the best travelling tips when visiting the Philippines, let me tell you,whether it’s the Philippines or any other country, I’m sure that you will come across all kinds of adversities that could literally run you up the wall and wishing you’re back home. I strongly advise anyone to definitely do your due diligence when it comes to traveling abroad. When traveling to another country, the golden rule is always plan ahead. You never know what can happen and even your trip to the Philippines. Here are a few suggestions that will make your entire trip to the Philippines stress free.

Best Traveling Tips when visiting the Philippines

Philippine Travel Tip #1 – The Weather

When I was visiting Dubai, the weather was extremely hot especially in the months of June and in July. At night in Dubai, the temperature does drop. In the Philippines, however, there are really no extremities in temperature to watch out for. But if you do decide to take that trip to the Philippines, then you might need to know the best times to go visit. The best months to go are between the months of March till May. I highly suggest that you bring lots of light clothes because during that time it’s the hot and dry season. Rainy season starts in June and lasts till October. If you don’t like the heat, then come around the times of November through February. During those times, it’s very cool but dry.

Philippine Travel Tip #2 – Everything’s Within A Press Of A Call Button Away?

Manila, which is the capital city of the Philippines, also is dubbed as “The texting capital of the world” mainly because every single person there has a cell phone or at least has access to one. If you happen to be lost, don’t worry because cellphones are able to work in almost all places in the Philippines. Very mobile friendly!

Philippine Travel Tip #3 – Let The Festivities Begin!

One of the most unique and enjoyable experiences anyone especially foreigners will get to see when you travel there to the Philippines is the festivities. Unlike the holidays that are celebrated in the US, the Philippines usually hold festivals and is usually open to all natives and foreigners alike. Filipino dishes are prepared in each household and colorful banners are hung everywhere so that you’d know when there’s something going on.

These are some of the best traveling tips when visiting the Philippines, go ahead and plan your next vacation.

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